Why to Prefer Electric Bicycle on Mountain or Motor Bike

The advancement of technologies that has bought easiness in our life, but it has also given birth to some problems that need a lot of seriousness to deal. Cars bring ease in our lives and helped us to travel from one place to another in a very small time. However increase in the population resulted in more crowded roads; hence, policy makers of different countries started to encourage people to use public transport, bicycles or motor bikes.

Bike is one the cheapest means of transport. It runs of paddle and is environmental friendly. It is a means of transport for poor and middle class people. However, bicycle and motor bikes are losing their comparative advantages. The main reason for losing comparative advantage is the fast pace changes all around us. Hence, the world is changing and paddle bikes and motor bikes are soon expected to be replaced by electric bikes.

Electric bikes have many advantages, it has a low running cost and it is much more faster than the conventional bike. Here is some amazing comparison that can help you to know that why electric bikes are much better option to use than petrol or paddle bikes.

Cost effective

A full charge of your electric bicycle will cost you only 10 pennies and you can drive nearly 56km with it. It is way lesser than the cost that you have to bear for paddling your bicycle or to pay for the patrol for your motor bike. You also save money on parking. Many countries are encouraging their users to use electric bikes and hence they are giving leverages to electric bike users in terms of no parking fees. Even many companies offer much reasonable insurance cost for electric bikes. You can get free bicycle insurance quotes and compare it for different insurance companies. Hence, you can save a lot of money by buying an electric bike.

Why to Prefer Electric Bicycle on Mountain or Motor Bike

Faster in speed

The electric bike is much faster than the paddle bike. You can maintain a consistent speed without any effort. Once your bike gets charged, and get started, you can reach anywhere within lesser time than usual. Hence, you will no longer get late from your work or for class. Above all, you will not be exhausted due to paddling your bicycle.

No registration cost

As for normal bicycle, electric bike also do not require any registration or licence; while, motor bike does require all these things. It means that you are going to save the cost related to registration, number plate etc.

No pollution

When you are driving electric bike, you are saving your planet by decreasing the overall expected pollution. Many people drive petrol tank bikes but they do not have that awareness that you are endowed with. Hence, you are not causing any pollution on the mother land and the world is changing for better. If all of us act like this, there would surely be a macro level effect and pollution level will tend to decrease.

More adventurous for hill ride

Many time people want to have adventure that requires less effort and provide more enjoyment. This sort of adventure and leisure can be provided by the electric bikes. Electric bikes are more favourable for hill driving and you can save yourself from any sort of injuries on electric bike. On paddle bike, you have to incorporate much more effort and hence, you get exhausted when you reach the top. While electric bike is much more enthralling and you can enjoy the hard tracks with some awesome ride on your electric bike.
Ideal for Old people

Older people tend to avoid bicycle as they are not strong enough to paddle it all around the town. Hence they opt for car, but unfortunately cars takes a lot of time to reach the desired destination in a busy city. Hence, electric bike is much more preferable for old age people as it has low speed and is easy to drive. The older people can reach anywhere without spending any energy and hence the low speed of the electric bike ensures better control on it.

No worry of Driving licence

Sometime passing the test of driving licence for car or even for motor cycle becomes impossible. It leads to frustration because things get out of your control. However, electric bike is free of such worries. You can just buy it and the very next moment drive it without any need of driving licence.



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