What Brexit, Road Haulage and Freight Transport Could Mean

Britain’s food supplies could seriously be damaged by Brexit due to the fact that customs issues could cripple supply chains. The RHA (Road Haulage Association) is warning that should the Government fail to†negotiate the proper customs controls during the upcoming Brexit talks then the sensitive food supply of the UK could seriously be damaged. The danger has been highlighted with the current rationing of vegetables and the issues with the supply of lettuce could be the mere tip of an iceberg which is on the horizon and is of extreme danger.

Process for Cross-Border Freight Haulage

A chief executive of RHA mentioned that†almost 30% of all the food that is consumed in the UK comes from the EU on†lorries. The process, along with the training provided by certified HGV training providers such as The LGV Training Company, right now makes it†simple in terms of processes at customs. This will, however, change after Brexit and the new process should be considered thoroughly. Should this fail to be the case then†the food supply coming into this country would face major adverse effects.

Truck grilles are basically manufactured from different metals and plastics that possess unique and distinctive properties from one another. Thus, it is important to familiarize yourself with the varieties to ensure the best one for your truck.

1. Billet Grilles
Billet is considered as the most common of all materials as it resists oxidation and weighs less. They also provide proper protection from collisions. Opt for these grilles in your truck and enjoy complete protection as well as an outstanding look.
2. Abs Plastic Grilles
ABS plastics are the basic materials that are used to manufacture these grilles. The grilles have metallic coatings that provide a wonderful texture. They are also lightweight and can absorb various electrical shocks. It also provides proper coverage against bumpers.
3. Sheet Aluminum Grilles
Many grilles are made up of sheet aluminum and these grilles are comparatively cheaper than the billet grilles and are extremely malleable. They are corrosion resistant and mainly available at affordable prices. The unique features of these light weighing grilles make it a popular choice among the truck owners.
4. Stainless Steel Grilles
The grilles made of stainless steel are a common metal that weighs less but are comparatively stronger than aluminum. The grilles made of this metal are corrosion resistant. They also protect the front-end of your truck from debris and collision.

What the RHA fears is that large amounts of lorries will build up at ports and there will not be sufficient serious staff to handle that backlog. This time delay will†impact the freshness and quality of the food.

The recent comments on the matter by the government is not reassuring either.†It was suggested that the HM Revenue Customs (HMRC) has an excellent customs service. However, when it comes to EU continental road haulage, there is no system in place!†The government must predict the new challenges that is to come†and they must be able to assure businesses that HMRC will have all the systems that are needed†for a seamless process.

Replacement for†EU Continental Road Haulage

The government’s effort to make the†cross-border trade, for the future, as seamless as is right now is recognised by RHA. However, the processes of customs that are implemented for air freight and containers cannot simply be transferred †over to†millions of trucks which pass through Dover and other ports in the UK. These trucks are vital to the UK as these not only carry products, components and†over a quarter of food supply but also jobs in the UK.

Recommendations by the FTA

The government has been called on by the FTA (Freight Transport Association) to include a few things in their next Budget submission. For example:

  1. Ensure that the negotiations of Brexit enhance the economy in the UK by lowering the burdens placed on the businesses which move goods globally.
  2. Stimulate the economic growth in the UK and protect economic activity by lowering the road fuel duty by 3% a litre, by supporting the efforts of meeting the local air quality goals of the UK and by having the duty differential for cooking oil that has been used reinstated as a biofuel to be used in commercial vehicles.
  3. Help the to take on the current shortage of skills by guaranteeing that the Apprenticeship Levy, as well as the training funding that it will provide, be flexible enough to meet the needs of businesses as well as by providing sufficient funding and a policy framework that supports the provision of roadside facilities for drivers that are new and improved.



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