The 2016 Toyota Hilux Pickup

As one of the leading brands in the industry, Toyota has a proud history to build on. Being the best selling one tonne pickup truck ever, the 2016 Hilux is another fine example of what a great pickup is about. The eighth generation model is available on all continents and will be a winner no doubt – like all the others before it. The Hilux can be ordered straight away; deliveries are expected from July.

Trim Levels
There are three body styles and four trim levels to choose from. The entry-level Active is the most basic, with the Icon, Invincible and Invincible X all adding features. Prices start at £29,177 ex VAT for the single cab with its six-speed manual gearbox; its maximum speed is 106 mph and it accelerates from 0 – 62 mph in 13.2 seconds. The top of the range Invincible X will sell at £ 31,350 VAT inclusive. From the Icon up you can choose between the manual and automatic gearbox. Apart from the single cab the choices are the Extra Cab which seats four adults (i.e. 2 plus 2) and the Double Cab which seats five.

The comfort of the interior and the creature comforts which we would expect of an executive car are now becoming standard in more rugged vehicles meaning that would have once appealed for agricultural/construction/industrial uses, can work as an excellent urban vehicle. (Live in a city and want something more ‘hardcore’? Sell your car in Manchester and buy a Hilux!)

The only engine available in the UK is the 2.4-litre as the 2.8-litre has not met the Euro-6 emission standard. Therefore the 2.8 will be available only in other markets such as Australia and Africa. Three new paint colours let you decide what you prefer: Orange Spice, Hydro Blue and Volcano Red.

The 2016 Toyota Hilux Pickup

All models have as standard air-conditioning and sensors to detect rain and dusk, six airbags and cruise control. All models come with Traction Control, Downhill Assist Control and Hill-start Assist Control to combat extreme conditions off-road. Emergency braking and lane departure are also standard features.

Icon and up get features that include the Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system, 17-inch alloy wheels and front fog lights. If you acquire the Invincible X you can add to the list of features the following: keyless start, climate control and sat-nav as well as parking sensors both rear and front, LED headlights and electric steering wheel.

Apart from added features, the interior is much more luxurious than before; the load bay is a full 130mm wider than in previous models; it tows up to 3,200 kg; torque of 400 Nm is 60 Nm more than in the older 3.0-litre model.

Behind the wheel
Although this is a workhorse noted for its durability, the new Hilux feels more comfortable and provides a quieter ride than its predecessors. A dash silencer and additional soundproofing reduce noise and vibrations. Off-road it definitely feels solid and it sits tight through all corners.

True to Form
The 2016 Hilux is unlikely to disappoint Toyota enthusiasts. It is a great pickup; however, some may feel it is a shame that the 2.4-litre engine is the only option.



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