Permanent or Detachable Car Tow Bars – Which One Would Be Perfect For Your Needs

A tow bar is a durable and solid metal tool that fixes a car to another vehicle or object that has to be hauled or towed. Four-wheel drives like RV’s, caravan, sports utility vehicles or broken cars can be plugged into and pulled to the required location. This bar incorporates lighting system, safety chains and cables. Before these tools became popular, vehicles and caravans had to be hauled using tow dolly or a trailer, which made it inconvenient for drivers to pull it. This is the main reason why such pullers were introduced in the market to overcome the drawbacks. While you go shopping for these bars, you will find four different classes. Depending upon the weight of your vehicle, you could pick one.

  • Class I for 2000 pounds
  • Class II for 2001 to 3500 pounds
  • Class III for 3501 to 5000 pounds
  • Class IV for 50001 to ten thousand pounds

It is suggested that before deciding on which group of puller is needed, add the weight of the vehicle along with the items stored inside the one to be towed.


1. Permanent tow bars

  • Flange – It is commonly used equipment, where the tow ball is secured to it with two twenty-four millimeter bolts. Flanges having four bolts are also available. It is an extremely versatile tow bar, since it can be fastened to tow ball mounted accessories like bumper protectors, cycle carriers and all kinds of stabilizers. It falls into non-removable or a permanent category.

The benefit if using flange is that it is compatible with mostly all kinds of vehicles. Its height can be adjusted using drop plates. It is priced low and this model is available anywhere in the market.

  • Swan neck – The neck and ball are single pieces of this bar. It is also popular due to its neat appearance and narrowness and it offers a professional look.

It is less versatile, as you can either attach or pull cycle carriers, but not both together. Swan neck is well-suited with many vehicles, but needs a little modification in its stabilizers. They are more expensive than flanges.

2 Removable tow bars

  • Detachable – A detachable puller is almost as identical as the swan neck. Nevertheless, the advantage of this kind is, the bar’s neck can be unclipped when it is not in use. It will not stick out like a sore thumb whenever you do not need it. Vertical and horizontal tow bars are a part of the detachable system. They are named so, because of the manner in which they are slotted into the tow bar housing.

Detachable ones are concealed, but in some of the cases you can notice them while in use. They are suitable with mostly every vehicle and will need adjustments with stabilizers. As the neck can be unfastened, the risk of getting injured when you are behind the vehicle (especially in the nights) is reduced.

  • Compact detachable – This is a small and cheaper version of horizontal or vertical detachable kind of tow bars, but the features are the same.
  • Pin-system – Its features are similar to detachable ones. The neck is positioned in the tow bar and secured using a pin instead of the lock system.
  • Nut systems – It is identical to the pin system, but instead of securing it using a pin, it is secured with nuts.

1.3. Automatic detachable

  • Electric rotating – With just one press of the button, the tow bar appears from under the car, which is concealed underneath. It allows easy removal and fastening to the vehicle. For protecting it from unwanted removal or theft, its neck is locked. The two types of mechanical tow bars are:
  1. Automatic detachable vertical – Its neck is placed vertically inside the actual tow bar that is fixed to the vehicle.
  2. 2.Automatic detachable horizontal – In this one, the neck is slotted horizontally in the tow bar that is fastened to the vehicle.

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