Models Hitting the Roads in 2013

The cars you were waiting for ……..

By this time of the year we all —the car lovers or people who are planning to change their car or buy a new one are wanting to know what is going to hit the roads……….

  • ACURA  is planning to launch the latest 2 models in 2013 a sporty looking ILX and a new look in the sedan world —the RDX. The ILX has a 2.4litre engine and 6 speed auto transmission. The RDX has got a totally new look with the engineers working hard on it. It now comes with a V6 engine with 273 horsepower. The mileage has also improved in the RDX .
  • AUDI is bringing in quite a few cars. Most of the Audi cars are going to be in the sports section. The S6 comes in with a 4 litre V8 engine and a 420 horsepower with a 406lb-ft of torque.

The RS5 is a super V8 engine with 450 horsepower and a sports coupe.

The S7 is 5 door coupe had a V8 engine with a 420 horsepower turbocharged cylinder. In less than 5 seconds it hits a speed of 60mph . They engineers have improved the brakes and the sir suspension system making the drive a comfortable one.

S8  will also come in with a 4 litre V8 engine and 520 horsepower. This model is suppose to give a better mileage . The brake systems have been improved along with the air suspension and a sporty look to it .

A3 e- tron would have a electric motor with a good horsepower and a torque.

A4 comes with the allroad a rugged sedan and new headlamps.

A5 /S5 comes with a V6 engine and with a great horsepower. The A5 retains the old engine but have been upgraded to a 7 speed automated transmission.

  • Bentley is launching 2 models in the year 2013 . The basic features of the Mulsanne Mulliner would remain the same. The only changes would be the wheels and a few interior and exterior changes. There would be a choice of almost 100 paint colors.

The other model is the Continental GT V8 would have a V8 engine and would have a greater power and speed.

  • BMW is also launching a few models.

M5 and M6 convertible in the sport sedan segment get aV8 engine with a 560 horsepower. The M6 convertible have a V8 engine turbocharged with a 560 horsepower.

X1 would also be launched with the 2 liter , 4 cylinder all wheel drive.

Sports Wagon would be coming with some extra space in the interiors and a change in the style of the body . It would have a 6 or a 8 speed automatic.

Given above are some of the cars coming on the road in the year 2013.




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