How To Import A Car From The US To Australia

When you are moving to another country, sometimes it is most convenient to travel by air, but then what will happen to your vehicle at home? Or maybe you have found a car online that you really want to buy, but the car is located in the US? Well, there are many companies that give such offers of transferring the vehicle to another country, and one example is Dazmac.

Why would you ship?

If you are moving to Australia and you are looking for a way to get your vehicles there as well, without having to drive them, there is actually an answer. Sometimes people who are moving to another country find it easier to sell their car instead of transporting it to another country, while for others it is much more effective to simply transport the car to Australia.

Moving to another country does not mean you have to drive your vehicle to import it

However, if you choose to transport your car with you, you need to consider the cost of import taxes as well. There are many great places where you can read about the detailed information on the taxes that will be shown for the importation of a vehicle. Usually, you will be required to pay about 10% of your car’s then value which goes to the GST, which is the Goods and Service Tax.

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You have to pay attention to:

– The value of your car which will be based on the OCPP, which is the Original country purchase price and it may even take a depreciation of the value.

– Once the car has reached Australia then it will be valued, which is the rate that can go up to 5% below the market value.

– If your vehicle is over 30-years-old, then you will be charged with an import duty,

– Off road, four-wheel drive and the commercial vehicles will be charged about 5% on customs valuation of an import duty.

– If your vehicle is less than 30-years-old, be it new or used, it will be charged with 10% on the customs valuation of an import duty.

Sometimes you will be required to travel by air

Additional costs

Besides all the mentioned things, there might be some additional costs like the luxury car tax or the storage fees. When you get all the taxes and transportation sum together, you will get the full price of how much will it cost for you to move your vehicle to Australia.

As it was mentioned, some people resort to selling their car instead of moving it with the transport service. In some cases, this might be the cheaper options, but it all depends on the vehicle you are trying to move and the company you chose to do the job of importing your car to Australia.

Tips to consider:

  1. Transporters will bid on the cost of your shipment, which is why it is wise to check their profiles and see the customer feedback on their previous shipments.
  2. When you are shipping your car it is always better to leave the job to professionals.
  3. If you have any concerns, you can always use the answer and question function.

Final word

If you are looking for a way to get your car into Australia from the US, then you should look into companies that provide such service; for example, you can import American cars to Australia from Dazmac Logistics, which is a company that will surely take good care of your car. Just find the company that suits you the most and you will not have to worry.



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