Guide to Practically Benefiting from your Damaged Car

Meeting an accident on the road and leaving you with nothing but trauma and wrecked vehicle is devastating. You might have asked yourself how to sell my damaged car and you end up losing hope. But this is not always the scenario. There are good options for owners of damaged vehicles to practically benefit from their property practically and financially. Here are a few ways for you to stage your vehicle to buyers online:

  • Be real. Never ever market you vehicle by giving false hopes to buyers. Honestly categorize it as “damaged”. Let the potential buyer know how many accidents were already encountered by the vehicle, what are the interior and exterior damages, what cosmetic damages can be remedied and enumerate the missing parts. This way, the buyer can have an idea on what else can he do with it.
  • Be realistic with the pricing. Your car is damaged and is not brand new. Never ever expect it to be priced and valued like the ones in enticing showrooms. If you want to sell my non runner quickly, make sure the price tag is reasonable. You might want to mention the strengths of your car along with its damaged condition to balance the price. Some buyers will think of potential car parts that can be used and recycled.

sell my damaged car

  • Be clear when selling it for scrap or reuse. You have said time and again – I want to sell my damaged car. But do you really know if you are selling it for reuse or scrap? If your vehicle is no longer running, then you might as well market it for scrap. Make sure that its recyclable components are still intact and can be recycled accordingly. However, if your car’s damages are only in the exterior and it still runs in good condition, and then consider selling it for reuse. Someone out there is just waiting for materials like this to be fixed and turned out into something great.
  • List down all of your vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses. A list of the potentials and problems of the car will give enlightenment to any buyer who would consider buying your damaged car. Mention the type of engine, the model number or anything that could strengthen your sale. Make sure you have disclosed everything about the vehicle to avoid complaints from the buyer in the future.

Author Bio:
Dennis Beardis professional car insurance analyst. He has vast experience in handling damaged vehicles and in guiding car owners on practically benefiting from wrecked cars due to accidents.



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