Chrome Bumper Repair

Dents are not popular with chrome bumpers because of their excellent durability. When chrome bumpers are damaged though most auto shops will suggest replacing them. This is because repairing a damaged chrome bumper can be a tedious and arduous task. Chrome bumper repair however, is not impossible. Flaws can be addressed in such a manner […]

Prius C Cars are Setting Records as the Cars with the Shortest Showroom Life

The Prius C cars or Prii (the plural of Prius) are HOT and flying out of the dealer showrooms almost as fast as they arrive! Compared to an industry average of 53 days on the lot, the Prius C one month lasted, on average, only 8 days! They are small in size but still seat […]

Is Porsche Still the Status Symbol That it Used to Be?

Porsche has been known as a very swift and sexy sports car but now it’s also available as a hybrid SUV. That doesn’t sound very sexy but for the driver who wants speed in the family car, this Porsche may be just what he is looking for. Going from 0 to 60 in 6.1 seconds […]

No More Moving Vehicle Violations – The Mercedes S-Class Drives Itself

With the most innovative technology since the electric car, Mercedes has finally outdone all the other car manufacturers by announcing the new S-Class – the car that can drive itself. It came as a shock to many people who immediately started questioning who has the liability risk in case of an accident so Mercedes had […]