Buying a Second Hand Mercedes Car That Fits Your Budget

If you are looking to buy a 2nd hand Mercedes cars, then our advice is to look among the refurbished used cars that Mercedes itself is offering at great discount with good warranty and at easy finances. In addition, while buying a second hand car, it is advisable that you do a thorough check of the car before purchase and scrutinize the paper works related to the car ownership, insurance and others, to see, if they are in order or not. Here we have made a list of second hand Mercedes car models that are available in the used car market and the price they command so that you can choose a car of your dream that not only suit your need, but also fits into your budget.

  1. Mercedes Benz A Class: This good looking hatchback running on 16-inch alloy wheels mounted by tubeless radial tyres is a 5-seater with a spacious passenger cabin, thanks to its 2699mm of wheelbase. This flashy looking car comes with tinted glass and smooth lines and can be purchased in either diesel or petrol engine options. The price of this car in the second hand car market starts from Rs. 19.75 Lakhs.
  2. Mercedes Benz B Class: If you are looking for a compact hatchback with amazing features, then this car fits the bill. It can easily seat five able bodied persons with good leg and shoulder room for all. Buyers interested in this car have an option to buy this car with either petrol or diesel engine. Its minimum price in second hand car market is Rs. 17 lakhs (depending on the condition of the car).Buying a Second Hand Mercedes Car That Fits Your Budget
  3. Mercedes Benz C Class: This is a premium sedan car from Mercedes that come with innumerable safety and comfort features that make your time driving or riding in this car such a pleasurable experience. This is a 5-seater that comes with a price of around Rs. 6.6 Lakhs (for the 2007 model) in the second hand car market.
  4. Mercedes Benz CLA 200 Sports: This appealing sedan with sporty lines at its sides and on the top of the hood comes with powerful engine and cool interiors that allows the rider to enjoy a joyful ride in it. The company has made CLA 200 Sports available in both petrol as well as diesel options. The lowest price of this model in the used car market is around Rs. 31 Lakhs.
  5. Mercedes Benz CLS Class: This upper range Mercedes-Benz model has it all, right from a powerful engine (available in both diesel as well as petrol variants), cool looks to comfortable seats and good safety features. The car allows you to zoom ahead of competition with its top speed of 230Kmph and an average mileage of 19Kmpl (which is pretty good for such a powerful car). The lowest price of this model in the pre-owned car market is Rs. 32.50 lakhs.
  6. Mercedes Benz E Class: This amazing product is one of the top-of-the-line sedans from Mercedes-Benz and is available in both petrol as well as diesel variants. The price of this 5-seater in the second hand car market starts from Rs. 29 lakhs.



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