Mahindra Bolero: Price vs Value

Mahindra Bolero has been one of the most successful vehicles from the company. With powerful performance, rugged attitude and butch looks, the UV has gone from strength to strength attracting more and more buyers in the domestic market. The new Mahindra Bolero has received a new engine, mHawkD70, which claims to deliver 13% more power […]

Ford EcoSport: Ford’s best-selling car in July

The sophisticated EcoSport has contributed highest sales for Ford in 2016 July, during this period the company sold 4885 units of the car. The sale outcome of other popular models was significantly lesser. Ford managed to sell 748 units of Aspire, 698 units of Endeavour, 710 units of Figo and 35 units of Mustang. The […]

The Audi A1 With its Compact Performance Giving Toughest Competition to The MINI

Looks are deceptive, and there’s a huge difference between appearance and reality. This is nothing new as there have been thousands of novels scripted in the Victorian period based on this concept. But the automobile industry willing to reflect it into its models is something definitely new to the whole world. The A1 model of […]

The SLK 200 AMG Sport: Should You Buy One?

Mercedes Benz is a car manufacturer that oozes class, and no model embodies that more than the SLK. Owning an SLK is the dream shared by millions of motorists across the globe. If you ever have the chance to own one, then you’d be foolish not to grab it with both hands. Our pick from […]

The New Toyota Supra FT 1

Toyota Supra FT 1

As we all know that just newly Detroit Motor Show has all came to an end! But in this show one of the biggest surprises was brand new Toyota model named as New Toyota Supra FT 1. Well if you are thinking that it’s an ordinary car then you are absolutely wrong because this New […]